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Specialising in the sourcing and kitting of electronic components for PCB manufacture, we can also source and supply an assortment of components as well as completed products directly from the factories lowering costs. We have several international partners to assist in local distrubtion and provide after sale support.


We offer a turn-key solution with in house engineering capable of doing electronic designs ready to be manufactured in China. We have several partners specialising in industrial and mechanical design.

engineering management

If a client already has a supplier in China we can assist in managing the product manufacturing by responding to manufacturing issues, providing accurate in-process feedback to clients and performing inspections and quality checks. We can also assist in implementing engineering changes and ensuring factories successfully implement design or process modifications required by the client.

Turnkey design and



We can realise your product idea by interpreting your requirement and formulating an engineering design specification. We will then design your product, closely documenting the process which can be used for certification. We will also provide you with all testing data and certificates needed to do international approvals. All prototypes, designs and testing data will be compiled and handed to the client. We will also compile all manufacturing drawings and instructions and source suppliers to manufacture the product. From initial idea to final packaged product - we cover the entire process